Money can’t buy happiness, right?

Rhetoric estimates that “If money can’t buy happiness Then transfer it to (me) us” would be liked by most people. Regardless of whether deep down, would you agree or not? The basic reasoning is simple, since everyone still needs money.

When we look around, how many people have enough money to say, “Money can’t buy happiness” with full mouth There are only a few percent of the millionaires, the billionaires (rich over a billion dollars) are over 3,000 people, while the world has a population of over 7 billion people (2021). only about 0.00000004 percent

Which doesn’t have to be super-millionaire level. Let’s roughly assume that just 1% are people who have enough money. To buy whatever you want, so the other 99% are people who need money. Even this is a social inequality that is getting more serious every day that many people may struggle more for money. But I’m not saying that 99% of them will believe that money can buy happiness..

Money can buy happiness (not)?
“It is better to have money than no money” or more is better than less. Having said this, no one would argue for sure. because in those who say Money can’t buy happiness. He wasn’t mean. “Without money, you will be happier” When will it be lost? (So ​​they don’t transfer them to us 😛 )

On the one hand, it’s not that people have or had only had a lot of money, so had the right to look at Money can’t buy happiness, just like people who don’t have money. Lack of money only to see money can buy happiness Because in people with money, they think that money can buy happiness.

Talking is not finished because “Our happiness is not the same” and not only If someone’s happiness is having a cool car, wearing beautiful accessories, or other things. Of course money can buy But if some people’s happiness is playing with their children. a trip to the forest Doing a hobby or being loved like this money can’t buy. In other words, there is no need for money to buy.

If you continue to ask, is that true happiness or not? We can’t make a decision or make another issue, let’s talk about it. because our happiness is not the same

In addition, “happiness” people often have more than one thing, so one person’s happiness, some things, money can buy. Some things can’t be bought. These should be enough to answer that. Money can buy happiness/can’t buy happiness It depends on what kind of happiness the person is…

Money can buy some happiness and some suffering. Money can’t help.

In the case of those who say “Money can’t buy happiness” can mean more “suffering”, such as someone who is sick with no cure, someone who has lost a loved one, someone who wants to fix the wrong thing back, someone who was. misusing money and people who never know What is your own happiness actually? When money can’t be fixed or help get out of that suffering. As such, money really doesn’t mean anything.

Therefore, we may say that “Money can buy some happiness and some suffering. Money can’t help anything” or “Money can buy happiness. But we can’t free us from suffering.” Depends on how one’s happiness and suffering are.

Money, happiness and suffering
When you have money, you may be happy, and if you have money, you may not have to suffer.
But happiness and sorrow are different things.
Therefore, having money may be happy. but there may be suffering or have money, may be out of suffering But it’s also not going to be happy for siteblogs.

Suffering that comes from “lack of” in things that can be bought when enough money Suffering will disappear
The happiness of “acquiring” things that can be bought When money is enough, you may be happy.

But “lack of” anything is not “not enough”, otherwise, no matter how much you buy, you won’t be free from suffering.
and if getting “acquired” in what is not true happiness No matter how much you buy, you won’t be happy either.

If “happiness is just not suffering”, that might make you feel lacking, don’t feel like you don’t want a lot of money, it’s not necessary…

P.S. The word “has money” now we know well means “a lot of money, rich” and the word “no money” means not having a lot of wealth. suffering in today’s world omitted in the base of understanding